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Launch into the future.
VR Adventure

ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos is the VR interactive story action game where your choices directly impact the future.
In 2280, humans seek refuge in the only remaining city, Augmented Tokyo. Protect the future of humanity and stop the invasion of the Meteora, an unknown species of deadly behemoths destroying the world.

Earth’s last hope is Chloe, a genetically enhanced soldier who will join a charming, unique cast of characters to save the world. Jump into the story through adventure sequences, where you’ll explore new areas and learn about allies and enemies through new twisting conversations, unraveling secrets along the way.Intense mecha battles add the intrigue of combat, where you’ll encounter giant Meteoras in action sequences from the cockpit of towering robots. The future of Augmented Tokyo is in your hands, as the story branches out and takes shocking new twists depending on how you play.

In between showdowns amongst giants and a winding, dark narrative, relax with the adorable cyber diva, Noa. As an AARC (Artificial Augmented Reality Crystal) Noa will provide 360 degrees of brilliant, exciting performances all in VR and accompany you into battle.

When everything becomes clear and the mysteries unravel with the world’s final choices...
What will you choose?


Meet the Makhia, the battle machine built to exterminate the Meteoras, enemies of humanity.

Turn on the ignition, step into the cockpit, and go to battle. As your support AARC Noa sings, you'll have to use a variety of hand movements to activate the Makhia, set up a barrier, combine your Rail Cannons, and more.

You'll be met with choices in battle that demand action. Every choice you make tilts the flow of battle in one direction or another, ultimately influencing the story itself.


The year is 2280, and humans have developed amazing technology. In spite of this, humanity has been forced underground by the terror of the Meteoras, leaving them with but one star of hope: Noa, Idol of the Underground. Experience the magic of her entrancing concerts in VR before your very eyes!

Concerts in virtual space are the future--one you can experience right now. Noa will sing, dance, lock eyes with you, and smile in an experience you've never had before.

The concert awaits.
Are you ready?


ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos.
In the year 2280, humans adopted personal AIs, the Libra system, to make their decisions less stressful and more efficient. As the player, you will parse through the choices the Libra gives you during the story and call the shots. Those choices will take Chloe's story down many twists and turns, ultimately bringing it to a variety of endings.

What will your choices lead to?