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VR Adventure

ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos

Develop:MyDearest / CharacterDesign:LAM / Sound:Yosuke Kori / MechaDesign:I-IV / Director:Haruki Kashiwakura


2020.12.4 ON SALE

Launch into the future.

Enter the latest installment in the Chronos Series.
Become Lieutenant Chloe, pilot of the massive battle robot Makhia as you face off against the Meteoras, colossal enemies of humanity in a story that takes place 200 years in the future.

Make choices and decisions with the guidance of the Decision Support System.
Pilot the 400-meter-tall Makhia in blood-pumping action sequences.
Be amazed by the concerts of an electronic idol.

The future awaits beyond your screen.

"Life is a series of choices and decisions."

You will become the protagonist, Chloe, and experience the world 200 years in the future.
In a society of highly advanced virtual and augmented reality technologies, humans have been liberated from the stress of making choices.

That does not mean, however, that they are completely free from making the choices themselves. Your choices and decisions have immense influence. They will drastically change the direction the story takes.

This is the beginning of the story you tell.




This isn't a dream.

The year 2080.
With the invasion of the Meteoras,
alien beings of immense size and strength,
humanity sought safety and salvation deep underground,
establishing Augmented Tokyo.
This 2km radius underground city became humanity's last bastion.

2280. Chloe,
member of the Anti-Meteora military organization Prometheus,
defends the city in her Makhia, a massive battle robot.
Though her foes are formidable, she survives with the help of her companions.

Prometheus fights to protect the city from the Meteoras and retake the surface one day.
However, that is not why Chloe pulls the trigger.

No. Everything she does, she does for her fallen friend. Her dearest friend. Coco.
The blue flame of vengeance that burns within her is never extinguished.
It sears Chloe's heart as she thinks of the choices she faced and decision she made, back in that moment.

And then, the gears of fate begin to turn at a screeching pace.

A Meteora with Coco's form attacks.
This is Chloe's reality.



VA: Akari Kito

The protagonist of the story and a stand-in for the player. This Designed Human was created by Professor Julie to face off against the Meteoras, invaders of the surface. Lacking in emotions since a young age, she had no goals in life other than fighting her alien foes--at least, until she met the blind girl Coco. Coco taught her what it meant to have human emotions, allowing Chloe to grow. Her peaceful days off the battlefield were shattered, however, when a Meteora devoured this newfound friend.
Chloe has fallen back onto her own goal, destroying the Meteoras, now with new motivation: Revenge.

Coco Coconoe

VA: Kaya Okuno

The daughter of councilors of the underground city. A mysterious, blind, wheelchair-bound girl who suffered an enigmatic death two years ago when she was eaten by a Meteora.
She taught Chloe how to open her heart and treated her like a friend. She also loved near-forgotten traditions and artifacts of the old world like singing and paper books.
The sunroom that Chloe looks after is filled with her memories.


VA: Yumiri Hanamori

An AARC (Artificial Augmented Reality Crystal) made in Coco's image after her death.
A pop star, she shines as a symbol of hope in the entertainment-bereft underground.
During battle, Noa provides control support for Chloe's battle robot, the Alto Makhia.
Although she looks like Coco, Noa has a completely different personality, leading Chloe to call her a fake and avoid her.


VA: Yui Ishikawa

A unique Meteora that took on a human form after eating Coco. The name "Anima," meaning "soul," was given by Aoba.
Anima is unusually aggressive towards Chloe, yet has eyes very reminiscent of Coco. Anima also opens up to Chloe from time to time, and shows great interest in the things Coco liked. This mysterious Meteora confuses Chloe to no end.

  • Chloe

    VA: Akari Kito

  • Coco

    VA: Kaya Okuno

  • Noa

    VA: Yumiri Hanamori

  • Anima

    VA: Yui Ishikawa



Chelsey Moore (English)
Akari Kito (Japanese)
Coco Coconoe
Danii Meger (English)
Kaya Okuno (Japanese)
Grace Chan (English)
Yumiri Hanamori (Japanese)
Yui Ishikawa (English/Japanese)
Yamato Amanagi
Jesse Inocalla (English)
Yusuke Kobayashi (Japanese)
Aoba Iwaza
Adam Fedyk (English)
Yoshihiko Aramaki (Japanese)
Asia Mattu (English)
Yu Serizawa (Japanese)
Chris Garnier (English)
Show Hayami (Japanese)
  • Yosuke Kori

    《Sound Composer /
    Insert songs - Lyrics and Music》

    "TOKYO CHRONOS"Sound Composer

    ASCA"Kobo"Lyrics and Music


    Wolpis Kater"REVE"Music

  • Kuniyuki Takahashi

    《Sound Composer》

    "Woodpecker Detective's Office"Sound Composer

    "My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong as I Expected, Kan"Sound Composer

    "Wake Up, Girls! New chapter"Sound Composer

  • kz(livetune)

    《Insert songs - Music and Arrange》

    Kz is a music producer who has worked on many hits for anime theme songs and game soundtracks in Japan. In addition to livetune that he mainly uses as a musician, he uses different names to work with world-famous EDM musicians such as ZEDD and Afrojack. He also has experience working on remixes for many dance music. He works on incidental music for TV anime series in recent years.

  • R!N/Gemie

    《Singer / Lyric translation》

    《Insert songs"Sunlight" and more…》

    "Attack on Titan: Season Two"Insert songs

    "PROMARE"Insert songs



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  • Title

    ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos

  • Platform

    Oculus Quest / Rift / and more…
    ※To be annaunced

  • Language

    English / Japanese / Chinese / Deutsch / Francais (English Voice-over)

  • Voice

    English / Japanese

  • Developer

    MyDearest Inc.

  • Genre

    VR Adventure

  • Player


  • Release Date

    Late 2020

Let's Plays/Fan Content"

"We promote Let's Play and fan-made content of ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos on video sites and social media services. We also have a fan kit of assets in circulation to help with Let's Plays and fan-made content, as well.